Bridge the Ultimate Game

The Marlborough Bridge Club is situated in the Clubs Of Marlborough Building in Blenheim and has approximately 200 members

Competition played

Monday evenings 7.15pm

Tuesday evenings 7.15pm

Wednesday afternoons 1.15pm

Thursday evenings 7.15pm

Friday afternoons- once a month  1.15pm
Visitors Welcome for partners
please contact
Monday night (beginners)- Alison Graham 5776554 or 021212797

Tuesday night -Carolyn Wood 5784856

Wednesday afternoon- Ginny Warren 5776405  ( Cell 0277560717)or Nancy Garlick 5791966

Thursday night- Thelma Halliday 5788422 or Bev Goodin 5782428

Friday afternoon- Viv Murray 5797206


President Viv Murray 5727906

Secretary:Robin Young phone 57 29816

Treasurer: Alison Graham 5776554 or 021212797

Committee members: Bev Gay, Ginny Warren, Ann Cowan and Trevor Emmett

New Zealand Contacts


weekending 11th December 2016

Mon 5/12 N/S J Gardiner D Russell 72; J Knowles C Robinson 54; P Stanley S Wallace 53; E/W C Henry G Smith 60.95; M Roberts D Roberts 60.78; S Barritt T Bourne 50;
Tues 6/12 T Halliday I Powell 67; B Fechney D Urquhart 61;  R Beardsworth C Beattie 61; C Marshall E Roggeveen 55; K Buchanan N Garlick 53;
Wed 7/12 N/S E Anker M Clough 65; D Smith C Warren 59; C Beattie N Garlick 57.54; K Anderson M Gledhill 57.51; E/W C Fleming M Roberts 58; E Adams B Wilson 57; S Marinovich M Penington 56; N Simpson D Weston 53.13;

Week ending 4th December 2016

Mon 28/11 N/S J Evans M McLeod 58; P Mannington S Scott 57; J Holdaway C Holdaway 54; E/W L Lingham J Straker 71; H Taylor P Taylor 56; J Maxted J Wadsworth 55;
Tues 29/11 N/S J Jessep H Sadd 64; J Jordan C Wood 54; F Jessep N Sadd 53; E/W C South G Webby 62; D Urquhart R Young 57; T Hallidat H Stevenson 51;
Wed 30/11 N/S C Davenport J Foster 63; J Polec D Richardson 57.40; N Garlick T Halliday 57.02; A Bury T Fitzgerald 56; E/W A Healey S Lang 63; C Armstrong C Fleming 61; P Sharpe D Sharpe 56; T Bourne R Darling 55;
Week ending 27th November

Mon 21/11 N/S A Naysmith L Naysmith 62; J Gardiner J Russell 58; A Graham P Stanley 57;E/W J Maxted J Wadsworth 67; Y Hore H Neame 54; M Roberts D Roberts 53;
Wed 23/11 N/S J Polec D Richardson 61; C Holdaway M Wetherall 56; P Fisher M Renyard 55; J Kirby J March 53.82; E/W C Armstrong C Fleming 61; J Blewitt J O’Fee 59; B Lankshear V Rae 55.75; N Simpson D Weston 55.53;

Week ending 20th November 2016

Tues 15/11  S Gibbs P Kenyon 61; T Jordan J Jordan 57.95; E Adams L Callaghan 57.58; M Penington G Warren 55;
Wed 16/11 N/S K McKellar M Williams 61.74; J Polec D Richardson 61.09; A Healey S Lang 60; C Beattie K Buchanan 57; E/W J Nelson M Sandall 64;  P Sharpe  D Sharpe 62; B Lankshear V Rae 56; A Reid H Taylor 54;
Thurs 17/11 N/S M Penington A Baker 55; N Sadd G Warren 52.59; A Graham C Holdaway 52.10; E/W C Henry T Oberdries 72; N Robinson H Sadd 57; K Buchanan B Goodin 54;

Weekending 6th November 2016

Mon 31/10 N/S A Fleming C Fleming 64; B Stanley P Stanley 61; Y Hore H Neame 58; E/W J Holdaway C Holdaway 63;C Henry L Lingham 56.75; M Roberts D Roberts 56.56;
Tues 1/11 N/S M Carter T Oberdries 67; H Roggeveen E Roggeveen 64; B Fechney R Young 59.58; G Warren C Wood 59.5; N Garlick T Fitzgerald 53;F Jessep J Jordan 51;
Wed 2/11 N/S N Garlick T Halliday 59; S Litchfield C Wood 56.88; F Jessep B Kaulback 56.69; B Gay J Gifford 56.10;E/W J Blewitt C South 61; B Lankshear V Rae 55; P Mcguire P McPhee 54; K McKellar M Williams 53.85;
Thurs 3/11 N/S A Baker M Penington 64;C Beattie A Bury 56.71; G Gay G Webby 56.25; E/W B Fechney J Jessep 68; N Robinson H Sadd 65; A Dupuis M Scott 56;
Weekending 28th October

Mon 24/10 N/S  P McGuire V McMurtrie 63; J Gardiner D Russell 62′ E/W M Hughes B Williams 67; C Holdaway H Stevenson 62;
Tues 25/10 N/S B Fechney R Young 60; H Sadd N Sadd 55; J Jessep J Jordan 53; E/W E Adams L Callaghan 63; M Carter T Oberdries 58; H Roggeveen E Roggeveen 55;
Wed 26/10 N/S C Davenport J Foster 63; R Beardsworth T Emmett 58; N Garlick K McKellar 55; J March M Rae 52;; E/W J Gadara B Wilson 67; S McPhee A Cowan 59;P Potter H Stevenson 58.20; P McGuire V Rae 58.12;
Thurs 27/10 N/S C Beattie R Young 58; K McKellar E Adams 56; P Fisher P McGuire 52; E/W J Maxted N Simpson 63; C Henry M Scott 57; V Murray B Allen 56

Weekending 16th October 2016

Mon 10/10 N/SC Holdaway J Straker 63; J Evans B Goodin 58; P McGuire V McMurtrie 56; E/W JNelson M Sandall 58; L Lingham P Mannington 57; M Roberts D Roberts 56;
Tues 11/10 J Jessep F Jessep 57; B Fechney  R Young 56; G Warren C Wood 54; E/W M Carter T Oberdries 65; L Bint H Latchwark 63; T Halliday B Williman 51;
Wed 12/10 N/S A Cowan C Holliday 63; F Jessep J Jordan 57.35; N Garlick K  McKellar 57.13; M Scott M Telfer 56; E/W A Bury S Litchfield 59  P Potter H Stevenson 57; J Kirby J Maxted 56; S Marinovich V Murray 55;
Thurs13/10 N/S J March H Sadd 62; E Adams K McKellar 57; F Jessep S Litchfield 52; E/W J Jessep T Oberdries 72; T Halliday I Powell 66; R Beardsworth B Goodin 59;