The Kings and Queens are a Social Club/Section at the Clubs of Marlborough first established in 2010.

Ray Barratt, Val Blaylock and Pat Power joined forces to create a social club where people of all ages can come together participating in different activities to make new friends and join in and do something different they may not have done before. Over the years the Kings and Queens have had some remarkable social events occurring monthly such as: going to the Kamara Races, small bore shooting, having a try at darts, pool, snooker, cards, indoor bowls during an Indoor sports day, trying archery, golf and clay bird shooting and more. It’s a great group of people having fun, building friendship, doing different things and getting out there is the aim!!! The Kings and Queens are a Social Section at the Clubs of Marlborough.
It is open to Clubs of Marlborough members of all ages. There are monthly activities which occur only on the weekend. You can pick and choose what activities to join such as:
– 10 Pin Bowling
– Croquet
– Kaikoura Horse Races
– Mystery bus
– Car fun challenge
– Indoor sports day
– Fishing trip
– etc
To join the Kings and Queens section there is a yearly fee of $10.

The 2017/18 Committee are:

President: Ray Barrett
Vice President: Pat Power
Secretary: Deana Quissy
Treasurer: Dean Quissy
Committee Members:

Dennis Jellyman

Fay Harris

Ann Parker

Barbara Doherty

Steve Roberts

To join the Kings and Queens contact:

Secretary: Deana Quissy
Phone: 03 579-1279

We look forward to you joining us in the next Event/Activity!