Marlborough RSA Smallbore Rifle Club

Club History

The RSA Smallbore Rifle Club was formed in 1953, as a subsection of the Returned Services Association, shooting in the basement of the old RSA building. with the construction of the Clubs of Marlborugh building on the old RSA site, the club is now located in a purpose built range in the western end of the Clubs Marlborough complex, next to the Fitness Centre.

Smallbore Rifle Shooting

Smallbore Rifle shooting is a sport which does not require physical strength or a high level of of fitness, and one in which men and women of all ages can compete equally.  Attention to detail, and a high level of concentration are the hallmarks of a good Smallbore shooter.  Reasonable eyesight is obviously necessary, but most sight issues can be overcome with a suitable lens, and many of our top shooters wear special glasses for shooting.The main shooting season is during winter, on indoor 25 yard ranges. Shooters are divided into five grades, Master, A, B, C and D according to the previous seasons average, which means that you are competing against shooters of similar ability.Beginning at club level shooting, indoor shooters have the opportunity to compete in interclub, local championship, provincial championship, Inter-Island and National team events.  Shooters can also compete in 50 metre competitions on the outdoor ranges during the summer season, but need to supply their own equipment.


Smallbore rifles are specialised .22 calibre target rifles not suitable for field hunting.  Most top shooters have their own rifles, which they have adjusted to fit their physique.  However it is not necessary to buy a rifle to compete successfully, although at some stage that may be desirable.  All of the local clubs have a good selection of rifles of varying sizes to fit most physiques. Second hand rifles are often available at reasonable prices making this an affordable option for shooters looking for their first rifle. Other necessary equipment includes jackets, gloves and slings, which are also provided by the club.

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting

The Clubs of Marlborough Target Shooting range is one of just a few Smallbore ranges in the country with the facilities and equipment to also shoot Air Rifle and Air Pistol events.  These are serious shooting disciplines shot by some competitors in New Zealand, with the opportunity to compete at international level.  However this style of shooting can also be a fun activity and the club uses the Air disciplines for variety, and as a competition for social groups.

Social group shoots

The club can cater for groups by arrangement, using Smallbore Rifles, Air Rifles, or Air Pistols.  This can be a fun learning experience for people who do not normally use firearms, and the club often hosts scouts, youth groups, social clubs, and other groups.  For further information on arranging a group shoot, contact one of the club contact persons listed.

Try Smallbore Rifle Shooting

Anyone interested in trying Smallbore shooting is welcome to come along to a club night; you don’t have to be a member. A modest fee for each card shot covers ammunition, equipment and range fees. Club shoots are held weekly over the winter season (April to August), on Monday nights at 7 pm.  Monthly shoots are also held during the summer off season.It is not necessary to hold a firearms licence to shoot, as you will be shooting under the supervision of licenced coaches.  However it is expected that visitors are capable of safely and responsibly handling a firearm under supervision, and persons unable to do so for any reason may be refused permission to shoot.

As a new shooter you will initially shoot using a rest, allowing you to learn the skill of firing a carefully aimed shot.  Once you master this you will be encouraged to move to shooting using a sling, in the proper competition style.  Most adult shooters should be ready to move to a sling after a few weeks of practice, some younger, or smaller shooters may take a little longer. At some stage you will be required to join the club, allowing you to shoot in competitions organised by the Marlborough Smallbore Rifle Association and Target Shooting New Zealand.

The club reserves the right to carry out a check with NZ Police to ensure that prospective members are suitable persons to be associated with firearms.
Members must also be members of the Marlborough RSA, or Clubs Marlborough. The minimum membership age is 13 years.


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